Debrief: Pro-Life Outreach

Mercy Killing

March 30, 2022 Season 1 Episode 31
Debrief: Pro-Life Outreach
Mercy Killing
Show Notes

"I wouldn't call it killing. I would call it sparing." How would you respond if someone claimed that abortion is more compassionate, not for the mother but for the baby?
Mya talked with a young psychology student who believed that if the parents could not provide for the child, abortion would be better than developmental trauma. Join us as we discuss the concept of what it means to be a parent and how to respond to someone who may go through suffering.

Show Notes:
This is not our first time debriefing with Mya. Check out her previous episodes!
"Baby Saved Part 2!"
- "In the Crowds Outside the Supreme Court"
Here are a couple of resources to dive into how to understand assisted suicide:
"A Guide to Discussing Assisted Suicide" by Blaise Alleyne and Jonathan Van Maren
"Start with What" by Stephanie Grey Connors

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