Debrief: Pro-Life Outreach

Personhood Theory vs Human Equality

April 20, 2022 Created Equal Season 1 Episode 34
Debrief: Pro-Life Outreach
Personhood Theory vs Human Equality
Show Notes

Debrief with us to dive into personhood theory. Grace joins us this week to talk about her conversation with someone holding extreme views on what constitutes a valuable life. Even if you haven’t heard of personhood theory before, the shocking claims will sound familiar. This is not a new idea but an old one repackaged to justify killing preborn children.

Show Notes
Check out the Choice42 video about the magical birth canal!
Read "Practical Ethics" by Peter Singer to better understand personhood theory and where it goes if followed to its logical conclusion.
For a more in-depth look at this theory, read Scott Klusendorf's article "Peter Singer's Bold Defense of Infanticide"

Here is a helpful acronym to see the differences between born and preborn children:
Level of Development
Degree of Dependency
Do these differences make anyone less human or less valuable?

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